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Did we mention that the Monkey Fingers are appearing at the Downs Hotel, Woodingdean on Saturday May 4th? By popular demand, we’re back. Some new tunes and some old favourites. So, get on up at the Downs.

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May the 4th be with you.

Cartoon Horses and Spinal Crackers

Posted: April 11, 2013 in Back Beat

Shakespeare was right about the roses. They look pretty, they smell nice: so who’s to care what they’re called? But bands are different. A good band name can tell people a lot about the look and the sound: it’s a part of the image. Finding the right name is not so easy, though. The Monkey Fingers took a while to become The Monkey Fingers.

Worth crossing the road for.

Worth crossing the road for.

A fore-runner of the present line-up took the industrial-sounding Carbon Haze as its nom de guerre. Not so much a name as an air quality warning, Carbon Haze is surely more suggestive of heavy rock than classic RnB of the 60s and 70s. So not really us. And then there was Cartoon Horse. Originally suggested by front-man David Stabler as a bit of a joke, it nearly stuck. But it’s Art-Rock notes also seemed off key with the band’s musical signature.

What to do? Turn to the Bard, of course: though in this case we’re talking the Bard of The BeatlesLennon‘s inventive lyrics for Come Together, a track already in the band’s repertoire, provided ample possibilities. The Spinal Crackers, perhaps. Or maybe The Ono Sideboards or The Mojo Filters. What’s in a name? In the end, we could only be The Monkey Fingers.