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xmasevegigGreetings of the Season to you all
It is Christmas Eve:-  the Tree is up, the Tinsel is out, the Mistletoe has fallen down (again), the Pressies are bought and wrapped, and there are a number of hours left to kill before The Big Fat Guy in Red actually arrives, “ho ho ho” ing his way across the sky in his vain attempt to find chimneys without wood burning stoves, or gas fire flues….
“What can we do to pass the time?” you may think to yourself. Well think to yourself no more, for what better than to spend Christmas Eve in the company of The Pretty-Nearly-Legendary Monkey Fingers, a rhythm and blues band so cool they’ve named an entire region of the Antarctic after them.
“Where is this marvellous event taking place?” you ask, before noting that there is a Handy poster accompanying this blog, almost as if it were planned.
Yes – the Downs Hotel, Woodingdean’s finest establishment of that name, is the venue. We shall be playing all of our old favourites, and may throw in a Christmas Song or two as well.
Please do come along!
David (the Finger that sings)
PS No Monkeys, or Simians or any kind, were injured in the typing of this email.